The school offers a variety of classes, with many styles of dance available. Classes are held at various locations across Downley, Lacey Green, Monks Risborough and Chinnor. To find out more, visit the schools timetable.

Bumble Ballerinas and Tiny Tappers

Our pre-school classes are a mixture of tap and ballet, allowing children as young as 2 to try dancing for the first time. Classes are taught alongside Bumble Ballerina, with fun music, games and learning the basis of dance.

Basic understanding of movement, rhythm are taught in these classes, with the use of lots of props, imagination and exciting adventures!

Classical Ballet

Ballet is believed to be the foundation of all dance, and can be seen as crucial dance principle for any dancer in training. Ballet is taught from pre-school classes, and is then continued through the Imperial Ballet grades.

Strength, poise, control, technique and musicality are just some of the elements which you will learn when taking part in Ballet classes.


A very popular class at NJDS! The class purely focuses on strengthening and limbering, whilst including fundamental skills that any dancer will need. Combining elements of dance and gymnastics, this is a great class for students who want to improve their flexibility, strength, technique and tricks. Classes follow the Acrobatic Arts syllabus, safely teaching new skills through the progressive levels.


Creating sounds with your feet, what more could you want! Tap follows the ISTD syllabus, which builds up competent tappers, learning the different rhythms, technical tapping, all whilst dancing. Tap improves co-ordination and brain power, allowing you to develop as a precise and brilliant dancer.

Junior Jazz

Jazz dance is taught as a syllabus free class at NJDS, and is a great class to take to have fun and to better your technique. The class works on strength, flexibility, technical exercises and a routine. Jazz classes also work towards local events and showcases, focusing on the importance of performing and improving confidence.

Private Classes

Private classes are an excellent way to improve. With one-to-one training, your child will come on leaps and bounds. You may be working towards an exam, event or audition, or you may just want to improve overall. Those who are thinking about continuing dance as a profession should consider private tuition. For more information about these, please contact us.


Modern is a great way to start dancing as it allows children to express themselves and explore how their bodies can move. We follow the graded examinations, which provide children with a solid foundation for all dance styles 

NJ Ignite

NJ Ignite is our performance based class, where pieces are learnt to feature in shows, including appearances at the Waterside Theatre in Aylesbury. Each half term is spent learning a different style of dance, which supports choreographic fusions which we now see in the dance industry.


Jazz Tech

Jazz Tech focuses on the fundamental jazz skills required, including kicks, leaps, turns, and jumps. All of which, when combined with any other dance genre help to improve technique and performance ability. Classes are intense and will push you to jump higher, leap further and turn with great skill.

Mini Jazz

A fun class introducing our mini dancers to the world of dance! This class consists of a fum warm-up, stretching and learning routines, all to chart music. Jazz classes work towards our local events and end of year show. This is a great way for your child to discover the world of dance!

Beginners Adult Jazz

Focusing on keeping fit, general strength, flexibility and getting moving, our new Adult Jazz classes are a fun way to try out dance! Suitable for complete beginners, the energetic class starts off with the basics of Jazz before creating a routine to all of you favourite songs. 



Taking its roots from hip-hop, commercial dance is becoming one of the most popular styles of dance to learn! A combination of jazz and street as well, you will often find commercial dance in music videos, stage performances and TV. This class is all about confidence and fun! Learning to be free with your dancing, and giving everything tonnes of energy with all of your friends!



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