Classes are up and running from Monday 19th April! All classes follow Covid guidelines, please take a look at our timetable to book a free trial class.

Natalie Jane Dance School is based in the Buckinghamshire/Oxfordshire area, offering professional dance training for children from the age of 2 to adults. Set up and run by Natalie Harris, classes are taught through syllabus and free work, including Ballet, Tap, Modern, Acrobatics, Street Jazz and Contemporary. The school offers weekly classes, as well as regular showcases, local events and examinations.


The combination of training in excelling technique classes, alongside performance based classes will open your child’s eyes to the world of dance, giving them a passion and appreciation of dance which will last a lifetime.

Professional Dance Training based in Buckinghamshire/Oxfordshire



Natalie Harris 
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Natalie Jane Dance School

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